Bitten by Wanderlust

Few days ago, I came across this bubbly girl who seemed to be in her early twenties.She announced that she has bitten by wanderlust recently. As expected, audience gave wholehearted support.It led to a discussion which included number of visas on passport, food and culture, beaches , adventure and numerous tips, stories and experiences.So far, I have believed that I love to travel.I may not have visited 2-3 dozen countries or have some adventurous backpack trips to my credit. But I am lucky enough to travel around a dozen countries.  But I was stuck with word “ Wanderlust”. The Indian ancient Vedic wisdom beautifully describes lust.Lust is a like fire.  It only grows stronger each time one appeases it by giving way to it.In other words, love brings a sense of wholeness while lust brings a sense of emptiness.So question was whether it is wanderlust or wanderlove. But all Indian sages spent a reasonable time traveling across country.But their journey was journey of  a seeker.I doubt Buddhist monks start their journey with an announcement on Facebook or declare their journey as an adventure or fun.They start their journey with a destination in their mind.But I never saw any monk with a travel itinerary.I wonder whether a monk is excited by his journey or his destination.Then I got a rebuke from my traveler persona who was sitting quietly throughout this introspection. “What about those Travel writers or documentary makers who spend months or years to explore far flung places.What about Megasthenes, Columbus and Marco Polo.” Then my alter traveler ego delivered a deadly punch. “People who have been both in love and lust can often distinguish between the two more clearly than those who haven’t.So just pack up your bags and book tickets.May be next trip help to decide whether it is lust or love “ 😉


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As Yoda said in Star Wars, Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. So what can describe us better than a bunch of photons and a single photon is the symbol for my life. It has got zero rest mass and exists as the moving particle only. Always at move yet at peace. This blog is a journal of the journey of this photon. It is moving across this time-space curvature of life, a trip full of possibilities and probabilities, offering options and the contradictions at the same time.

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