Have you ever looked into eyes of someone. . . . . .

Sometimes I feel that explanation of some phenomenons should be left to philosophy and spirituality.There are a few questions for which Google may not find answer .So when a poet says that eyes of his lover have depth of sea or two lovers did nothing but just gazed into eyes for hours ( Without even speaking a word), a rational person may just refute it as an over grown imagination or a piece of cheesy poetry.But ask a professor of Human Anatomy.He will inform you that retina of human eye is only part of Central nervous system that is directly approachable from outer world.Practically speaking, our eyes are just like camera.

It is our brain which sees.We do not  see anything but just perceive them.It is our perceptual framework which determines what we see.We see sky as a mosaic of blue and white tiles or just as sky.So when we look into eyes of someone, we are peeping directly in his or her mind.So what two people are trying to see in eyes of opposite party?Perhaps they try to peep into mind of each other.To explore each and every corner of it.To explore all those regions which even their opponent fear to explore.Perhaps they desperately look for connection with soul of their opponent , for part of universe that they share with each  other ,somewhere deep inside them.Perhaps they make an innocent effort to bridge a gap between their souls which will eventually lead to unified identity.It may also be a symbol of beauty at micro level.I can bet that no scene can beat the myriad shades and hues of iris and multiple shades in it.So Dear,next time when you look into eyes of your other half,don’t take it lightly.It is a damn serious business.

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As Yoda said in Star Wars, Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. So what can describe us better than a bunch of photons and a single photon is the symbol for my life. It has got zero rest mass and exists as the moving particle only. Always at move yet at peace. This blog is a journal of the journey of this photon. It is moving across this time-space curvature of life, a trip full of possibilities and probabilities, offering options and the contradictions at the same time.

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