Travel stories : Hanoi , the city for Peace -part 1

2019 marked 20th year of Hanoi being granted the title of the city of peace ” by UNESCO. At times, Hanoi life may appear a bit dull or slow as compared to its Southern counterpart Ho Chi Minh city. But from train Street to idyllic One Pillar Pagoda , sumptuous meals to beers, it has got something for everyone.Here is my travel story from Hanoi.

To start with , Ba dinh is more like CBD of Hanoi with sky scrapers hosting many offices.

A misty morning at Ba Dinh

As we move towards Hoan Kiem lake, the city starts charming with its chaos as well as the French architecture.

The temple of Jade mountain

The legend is about a powerful magical sword which a king returned to the Golden Turtle of the lake.Some people still believe that the sword is in the lake.

The temple is build on Jade Island and is accessible by iconic Rising sun bridge / Huc bridge.

The rising sun bridge

With a ticket of 30000 VN dong , one can cross the bridge to reach the temple.Of course, the dress code applies here.Then there is food all around the lake from local Vietnamese snacks to fast food restaurants to beer bars.

To be continued….

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