Follow your heart

I told my mother that I had lost two Thousand dollars in casino.She was mad at me and asked me why.I said do you remember what you told me last night.She just stared at me.I continued,” You asked me to follow my heart because heart will always lead you to victory.My heart told me that I am going to win and I followed it ” 🙂


casino heart victory

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As Yoda said in Star Wars, Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. So what can describe us better than a bunch of photons and a single photon is the symbol for my life. It has got zero rest mass and exists as the moving particle only. Always at move yet at peace. This blog is a journal of the journey of this photon. It is moving across this time-space curvature of life, a trip full of possibilities and probabilities, offering options and the contradictions at the same time.

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