Meiji Shrine : A hidden gem in Tokyo ( part 1)

Seen as clearing up,

While they may be gathering,

on a mountain peak,

clouds indeed,do resemble,

the world in which we dwell,

-Waka Poetry by Empress Shoken

Meiji Shrine is a Shinto Shrine located near Harajuku Station on JR Yamnote line in Tokyo.Shinto shrines are usually dedicated to “Kami”.In Japanese traditions, “Kami” is considered as element in nature, forces in universe as well as spirits of revered deceased.Meiji Shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji, First emperor of Japan and Empress Shoken.It is an excellent place to demonstrate architecture of a typical Shinto Shrine.Here is how it went in Meiji Shrine :

Torii gate : These gates mark entrance to Shrine.They are mostly made of wood and may be pained in different colors.

Next part will have most interesting structures including Ema and purification Trough 🙂


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