words and expressions

One of those few days, when you feel like that you are overwhelmed by your own feelings.You feel like you can write a book.But you just realize that words are just instrument to express.We may have mastered language but we have yet to master art of expressing ourselves.

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One night at Mcdonald’s

It was an usual Friday night when I realized irony of stomach full of liquor but empty of bread The clock struck 3:30 a.m.At that time, McDonald’s seemed to be only solution to resolve this irony.So cab dropped me at 24 Hour open McDonald’s outlet.I ordered a decent spicy chicken wrap with corn and diet…

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If lessons of life are classified in different subjects , one may find that life is more about philosophy than statistics.One has to score in philosophy to get distinction.But it is much harder to master philosophy than statistics

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Bitten by Wanderlust

Few days ago, I came across this bubbly girl who seemed to be in her early twenties.She announced that she has bitten by wanderlust recently. As expected, audience gave wholehearted support.It led to a discussion which included number of visas on passport, food and culture, beaches , adventure and numerous tips, stories and experiences.So far,…

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