Travel chronicles : When Columbus discovered Jamaica

In 1492, when Columbus landed on a small island , his first thought was that the native people are the Indians and hence came “West Indies. ” Later these islands were known as Caribbean Islands. During his other voyage in 1494, he arrived at the Islands of Jamaica.

The Discovery Bay is around 34 km from Ocho Rios and is a popular stop for tourists traveling between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. There is a dispute about whether Columbus landed on Discovery Bay or the eastern part of it. But Columbus park marks the first fateful encounter with native Arawak people and European explorers.

But Columbus park marks the first fateful encounter with native Arawak people and European explorers. The legend is that the Arawak people were hostile to the invaders. But things changed abruptly when a dog and Spanish Bowmen from the ship attacked them.

Fending off an attack by Spanish invaders

Though it might not be a tourist hot spot, this place showcases the journey of Jamaica from the Pre-Colonial era to sugar processing and Bauxite mining. Interestingly, Kaiser Bauxite company recovered all the artifacts during the excavation.

A replica of Arawak Canoe
The water wheel
Spanish Water Cooler

Then one can easily find Jamaican almonds strewn across the land. It was interesting to know that the almond is a fruit, not the nut.

As we started our journey to Ocho Rios, I had a look at the place. It is a place which is a witness to the events which wiped out Arawak and changed the course of history for Jamaica. But forgotten as the Arawak and pre-colonial history of this place.

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