Travel stories: Hanoi , the city for Peace -part 2

HCM Mausoleum

May be it is due to the reason that I spent major part of my life in Delhi , the Capital of India , I tend to compare any other capital city to Delhi. Again it may be my bias. But my observation is that most of the Capital cities share the same Structure. For example, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is akin to Rajghat,, the memorial built for Mahatma Gandhi. Ho Chi Minh is widely considered as the father of modern Vietnam . Mahatma Gandhi is known as the Father of the nation for India.

This is second post in series of my Travel stories from Hanoi. The first part is available at hanoi-travel-stories-i/

The Train Street
Thrill of watching a train

Then there are the old quarters which resemble more to Old Delhi or the Walled city. Both settlements have well preserved old houses and hustle bustle. Then there is train street which is something unique. The are comprises of a more than 100 year old rail track , tourist friendly cafes and homes along the track. The idea is to wait for the train while sipping a beer or coffee at one of those cafes. These cafes are usually within 5 feet to 16 feet of the track and it might be quite an experience.

Then Hanoi has got some historical and architectural gems. I could visit only One Pillar Pagoda which is one most iconic temples of Vietnam.It is said to represent a lotus flower , raised above the water. Of course , there is a legend as well.It was built following a dream by a fatherless emperor. In the dream ,the emperor saw himself receiving a son resting on a lotus flower.

Though much of the original wooden structure was destroyed by the French , there is a concrete pillar which supports the temple. There is a small Srine besides the temple which has got a quote from Buddha , engraved on the front door .” The happiness is here and now ” The moment I read this , I knew that I was at the right place. The eyes got closed and I bowed to the one who mastered himself.

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