Travel Stories : Lets glow in the water

I never had an idea of how I would feel if I get down into the waters, and something starts glowing around me. Most probably, I would have freaked out and thought of mermaids or sea creatures I have read about in the comics books or watched in Hollywood movies.

But it was far from that when it happened. Tucked into a safety jacket as I descended into the water, it was curiosity first, then amazement, and then it was all about sensory overload.

The experience in the discussion is the Glistening Waters, Luminous Lagoons in Jamaica. Situated in the beautiful town of Falmouth, around 18 miles from Montego Bay, Glistening Waters Hotel & Attraction offers a unique experience which is provided only at few other places in the world. I booked a day group tour, including a visit to Dunn waterfalls and the Luminous Lagoon experience. On the way to Dunn Waterfalls, there was a small stop at the Columbus Park ( ). I will be writing another blog post about Dunn Waterfalls.

A capsized boat in the river

We reached the Glistening Waters Hotel sometime around 6:45 p.m. Local time. We had a warm welcome with Bubbly drinks and traditional Jamaican Dance performance. As the sun started to set down over the beautiful Martha Brae River, soon, there was darkness and a sort of excitement. Then we boarded the boat.

The sunset from the shore

The scientific theory

The luminous lagoon, surrounded by lush mangroves, is a few miles from the shore and the scientific. The reason for this glow and the phenomenon of Bio-luminance are microscopic creatures, called dinoflagellates. As the fresh waters of the Martha Brae River combine with the Caribbean’s saltwater, the lagoon offers the best environment for dinoflagellates’ high concentrations

The fun begins

After the brief and fun interaction with the friendly crew, it was time to get down into the water. There was an option to go with the life jacket or go on your own. I took a life jacket, which turned out to be a better choice. The focus was more on the glow than on keeping myself afloat. The crew helped to get some pictures. Then we were on our way back to the hotel.

and here is the glow

Then I realized something. It takes patience to get the best out of things. I spent a few hours in the transit and a gamut of the emotions for a twenty minutes swim in the lagoon. But it left me speechless, and I did not mind paying 25 USD to get a soft copy of my photos. After all, the memories are priceless.


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  1. Marvelous.. I really enjoyed reading your travel story .. It makes me feel like I was encountering all your activities… Thank you for sharing your memories.

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