Trip to Montego Bay, The tales from Caribbean : Day 1

Do you prefer slow travel or conventional vacation? Most of my trips have been binge trips with less time and a hurry to touch every experience the city offers. Sometimes it was immersive, or sometimes it was tiring. But most of the time, it was satisfying. But then I came across a different experience. After all, traveling is about exploring oneself.

Montego Bay ( Famous as MobBay ) is the second-largest city in Jamaica. For a short four-day trip, it was a perfect choice over Kingston, the capital city, and Negril, a few hours’ drive away. At that time , I did not know how a trip to Montego Bay is going to change my perception altogether.

The arrival

I landed at Montego Bay (Famous as Mobay ) Airport from Boston, and I felt sudden brakes on my fast-paced life. I could have chosen Kingston, the capital of Jamaica or Negril, a more tranquil place. For me, Kingston was just like another capital city, and a trip to Negril meant many hours on the road. For me, MoBay was a perfect blend of amenities of city life and some immersive Caribbean experience. The airport welcomed me with a poster that described MoBay as a “One Love” city. One love is an expression for inclusion and solidarity often used by Reggae Musicians. So the town had already embraced me with the open arms. That was a good start.

One Love

The Hip Stripe appeared to be empty a far cry from bustling nightlife about which I read. Later I figured out, only one place hosted a party night on a particular day. That was Friday, and the party was at “Pier one .” It was the first night in the Caribbean.

I had decided to go with the flow this time. However, I had gone through ” Things to do in Mobay ” and “What to do in Mobay ” itineraries. But I wanted to chalk out my course here. After a heavy Jamaican breakfast , The first thing I did in the morning was to take a stroll across the Hip Stripe. To my surprise, almost 80 percent of the shops were owned by the Indians. I met the people from Delhi , Kolkata, and the southern belt of India.

A carribean affair

I also discovered how to get recreational Marijuana.

The recreational drugs

The beach Time

Then it was time for Doctor’s cave bathing Club / Beach Club. There was a free public beach nearby. But the reviews said that the Doctor’s cave beach was lovely, which was true. However, there was an admission fee of 6 USD. The water was pristine, and the food was excellent. I will highly recommend the Jerk Chicken and Golden Pina Colada.

The jerk Chicken
Far away into the waters

Then there was the balance.

The Balance by Basil Watson

In the evening, it was time to try some local street food, the cold wraps. It was equivalent to sharwama wraps. Only the difference was the cold stuffings. Now it was the party at Margaritaville. There were buses full of people from the resorts. There were jerk stalls along the road, and all of a sudden, the night became alive.

But the pace of life was slow. I had ample time to walk around, laze around, and occasionally indulge in Pina Colada or Appleby Rum.
At the same time, I did not feel like doing much. The life seemed to be at ease. By 2 am, everything was closed. Day 1 of the trip was over.

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