Meet up paradise

When you meet people to know people:)

Journey of a seeker

When I came to Singapore two years ago, it was the first time ever in my life to live abroad.Every single thing was different, compering to my home country, from food, to people and the country itself. I remember first time my husband took me to CBD area, it was amazing to me to see such a number of tall buildings in one place. There was just one word lingering on my lips and that was WOW. After that beginning mesmerizing period passed, I found myself surrounded by people but I did not have so many friends. One day i was browsing the internet and I came across  Meet up site. It had all different groups full of people connected with same interest. That there was revelation for me. First thing I did, I found myself a movie group, because I am really a cinema buff. I found this one

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The travel of the photon is most akin to the journey of life. A photon is minimalist with its zero mass. A photon is quick to exhibit the properties of a wave as well as a particle as needed. A photon is always at the move but at peace at the same time. This blog is a collection of the journey of a bunch of the photons ( Myself ) across the fabric of time and space.

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