Travel stories : Taipei , Yehliu Geopark

Taiwan is an intriguing country. I would say it is the stuff of which the legends are made.Taiwan or ROC ( Republic of China as it is officially known) , a country born out of Chinese civil war , barely recognized by around one dozen countries, grew up as a booming economy. In fact , it is considered one of four Asian tigers with a staggering economic growth rate. From skyscrapers such as Taipei 101 to the Tea fields in Nantou , Taiwan has got something for everyone. Yehliu Geopark is one of unique experience.

The formations

Yehliu Geo park is one of major tourist attraction , famous for sedimentary rock formations, notably iconic Queen’s head , Ginger rock and numerous other structures.It takes around 90 minutes from Taipei West Station to reach this place. But the experience is worth it.

Yehliu geopark rock formation
The cape formed by movement of Datun mountain range into the sea

Then there is “Ocean World” just next to the park which has routines of synchronized diving , Dolphin show and many other activities


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The travel of the photon is most akin to the journey of life. A photon is minimalist with its zero mass. A photon is quick to exhibit the properties of a wave as well as a particle as needed. A photon is always at the move but at peace at the same time. This blog is a collection of the journey of a bunch of the photons ( Myself ) across the fabric of time and space.

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